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French Twinks presents Chris Loan, Corentin Tessier, Paul Delay, Jules Laroche and Gabriel Lambert in Vice Kitchen.

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The hot gay parody of a famous TV show

Angry chef Chris Loan comes to the help Jules Laroche and Corentin Tessier to try to save their restaurant which is on the brink of bankruptcy. The young couple are in crisis and their waiter Gabriel Lambert is completely lost in the middle of permanent disputes…

Jules, the jealous and unscathed cook spends his time arguing with his friend and partner Corentin who is an ominous lazy liar. The kitchen is sinful and the restaurant is empty.

In this first episode the Chef asks to talk one-on-one with Gabriel the adorable waiter. After a hectic day Chris has only one desire: to empty his balls to relax. Really! This will be the opportunity for Gabriel to receive a first well deserved tip.

Orgy at restaurant

After the angry Chef noticed the deplorable state of Corentin and Jules’s restaurant he finished his first day of inspection by relaxing fucking the ass of Gabriel, the waiter…

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For the second day of his important mission Chris has decided to observe the three boys during rush hour and he will be disappointed with the result. Very soon Jules is totally incompetent, Corentin only screams at him and customers lose patience. The service is a total fiasco and Chris doesn’t know how to handle the situation as the level of boys is of desperation.

Chris Loan, Corentin Tessier, Paul Delay, Jules Laroche and Gabriel Lambert

A new dispute breaks out in the kitchen between Jules and Corentin and this time it’s too much. Chris needs to stop everything and find an effective way to reconcile the couple and teach them to work as a team. As vicious as voyeur and perverted our Chef undresses Corentin in the kitchen and forces him to suck Jules’s cock. So hot! Inter-locked the two young guys run under the encouragement of Chris who engages in a real coaching.

Jules is hard as wood and the atmosphere relaxes but Chris will go much further. The Chef grabs the two boys by the neck and leads them, naked, in the restaurant room, facing the customers. He orders them to show everyone that they can get along and work as a team! If the clients of the restaurant are shocked and leave it’s the case of Paul Delay who remains alone sitting at his table to admire the good show.

While Corentin sucks Jules, Gabriel joins them and Chris undresses. Paul begins to jack off and a real orgy starts the dining room. The five gay boys will suck each other, fingering each other, eat ass and fuck wildly. Chris pounds Corentin while Gabriel fucks Paul then it’s Chris’s turn to fuck Paul on the bar while Gabriel gets fucked by Jules… Corentin, the boss is this time in a position of total submission and after sucking round in turn others he will take four facial cum-shot. Don’t miss amazing videos!

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