Big Game

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Super star Joey Mills is hangin’ at the Helix mansion watching hard bodied boys Luke Wilder and Corbin Colby play pool. But, he’d much rather be playing with their balls instead of sitting on the sidelines during their game. Really! Very soon Joey and Luke lock eyes and some serious eye fucking leads to Wilder missing his shot for a slobbering knob job from Joey. Their game looks much more fun than handling his stick alone so, lucky Colby whips his fat phallus out and Mills mouths both monsters on his knees!

The rock hard hotties order Joey ass up on the table where they take turns stuffing the cock loving cutie’s hungry holes at either end. Mills is a tender morsel and the top boys can’t resist getting a taste of the twink’s extra large appendage before continuing their sexy spit roast. The top titan’s tasty teamwork lands an epic orgasmic, cum shiny finish where Joey’s juicy hole gets jizzed just as his own giant shoots all over his beautiful body, blasting bust all the way up to his rock hard nips! The spent studs collapse onto their cum covered conquest in a three-way, post coital kiss puddle.

Joey Mills, Corbin Colby and Luke Wilder in Big Game

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