Helix Studios – Photoshoot Foursome

Helix Studios presents Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase and Aiden Garcia in “Photoshoot Foursome“. Video Duration: 23 Minutes. Release Date: January 19, 2017.


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Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Aiden Garcia and Joey Mills

Part of being a Helix star is doing amazing photo shoots. Really! It is also a lot of fun watching four of our most beautiful and sexy models (Joey Mills, Blake Mitchell, Brad Chase, Aiden Garcia) clown around together posing naked while they look their best! The last shot of the day just happens to be the four young boys in a bed together and naked. What could possibly happen?

First of all the guys start getting hard so we kept the cameras rolling just for you! Very soon our nude boys trade partners, kisses and cocks. Then tasting every inch each gorgeous guy has to offer. Top man Blake Mitchell is in his glory with two tight twink asses in his face. At one point the buddies get in a sexy circle, each connected dick or ass to mouth and it is so magically delicious you can almost taste their sweet sweat. Being the most aggressive top, horny Blake bangs ass first. Blasting his big dick bare and deep inside Brad Chase.

The other two have a front row seat but instead of popcorn they munch each other as they watch some hot fucking. That visual, sound and smell of such a sexy sight in front of young testosterone filled fellas forces their pheromones to fuck too! Now it’s a hot party! The fierce foursome share each other like good young boys should. There is a ton of tube steak and no boy leaves feeling hungry. Every tight hole is licked and filled with giant joysticks.

The foursome finish on and in each other, pulling out to show us some sweet cream pies. The cherry on top is when super sexy Joey Mills tosses his twink filling on Blake while he is riding him. Then, always one to “top that” Blake pulls out and shoots an epic load that skyrockets all the way up Joey’s beautiful butt, then drips slowly back down. Don’t miss the party!

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