Sean Ford and Wes Campbell – Just Role with It

Helix Studios presents Sean Ford and Wes Campbell in “Just Role with It“. Video Duration: 39 minutes. Release Date: June 20, 2017.


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Sean Ford and Wes Campbell

Blond gay boy Wes Campbell is busy rehearsing lines for a play when he realizes his super hot neighbor Sean Ford is pressed up against his door stealing his wi-fi. Really! Deciding to kill two birds with one stone he invites lucky Sean in to help him run lines and connect to his wi-fi. Sooner than later another connection gets going and the boy’s dicks are giving Wes’s rehearsal a standing ovation. Sean shows his appreciation for Wes wi-fi service by servicing Campbell’s cock, in turn Wes thanks Sean for rehearsing by ravishing his hard dick and beautifully smooth perfect peach of an ass.

Then Campbell gives Ford’s fanny the full service treatment. He fucks the boy’s butt with his tongue, fingers and then slides his amazing bareback dick in while Sean spreads for the camera. A sexy symphony of balls slapping an ass mixed with spankings and Ford moaning as he’s fucked is orgasmic ecstasy for the ears and a fucking feast for your eyes. Our Sean pushes happy Wes onto the bed and orders him to spread his ass before plunging his piece deep inside causing Campbell’s toes to curl in absolute ecstasy.

Ford’s body is a work of art, it ripples while his butt muscles flex as he bones his boy. Keeping it interesting Ford climbs on Campbell’s cock for a rough ride, his dick is drool worthy as it flops around getting flirty with the camera. Wes pulls out and slaps the boy’s hole, shoves it back in and Ford’s cock explodes. Freshly spent but still hungry for cum, Ford face plants his pretty mug firmly by Campbell’s dick and strokes it, aiming it’s contents right at his kisser. He downs the dick once more, tasting his own ass in the process.

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