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Helix Studios presents young gay boys Logan Cross and Ryan Bailey in “Takin’ It Raw”. Release Date: August 30, 2016. Video Duration: 21 minutes. Let’s look at guys!

Logan Cross is one lucky boy! One of the cutest and hottest boys on the Helix roster. Top boy Ryan Bailey is giving every inch of his full attention to this tight assed twink. The buddies both get riled up as Ryan tastes every square inch of Logan’s torso before they each swallow one another whole with some serious deep throat action. Then Bailey buries his pretty face in Logan’s beautiful bubble butt. He knows how to prepare his work area for the hot sex.

After bearing down and holding on to a chair Logan braces himself for Ryan’s condom free cock. Taking the kid on a tour of multiple amazing positions, Ryan realizes this isn’t Logan’s first time at the rodeo so he spices it up a bit with a reach-around. Its always good to know your naked friends are willing to lend a hand. Cock crazy Cross can’t get enough so he ads an extra finger or two of his own. The boys got skills now. Soon after Cross creams, Bailey follows and blasts the nude boy right in his pink hole. Lusty Logan lunges down on the piece once more, sucking out every last drop. Don’t miss the newest videos on Helix Studios!

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