From Prague With Love

Staxus presents Beno Eker, Drew Brooks, Joel Tamir, Marcin Wawer, Colin Horner and Vittorio Vega in amazing summer collection From Prague With Love. Let’s look at boys!

Video Duration: 24 minutes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Added: August 19, 2018

From Prague With Love, Sc 1: Blond Brit Boy Gets A Hard-Dicked Czech Welcome Up His Arse!

Prague in the summertime; and Brit blond newbie, Drew Brooks, has headed to the Czech capital for fun and adventure in the sunshine. Teaming up with Beno Eker, he’s soon being shown a taste of true native hospitality; with both buddies quickly heading to a local apartment in order to take this cultural exchange to a much more intimate level. Needless to say, it’s just a matter of moments before the two newfound friends are smooching away in their bottomless jocks; with hard cock soon becoming the main feature of the day, as both lads take turns to slurp on all the straining flesh now on offer.

Given of what we already know of Eker already, of course, it should probably come as little surprise that he’s soon taking full advantage of the situation to explore Brooks’ hairless quarters; first rimming the English boy’s tight little arsehole, then plunging his thick shaft deep into the fellow’s guts. It marks the start of a terrific set-piece, which sees the horny visitor pounded in a succession of positions; and which eventually results in him spewing furious all over the bedcovers mid-fuck. All of which is topped off by the glorious sight of Eker happily dumping his sticky wad over Brooks’ chin!


Video Duration: 24 minutes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Added: August 23, 2018

From Prague With Love, Sc 2: Brit Lad Cops An Eyeful Of Czech Monster Cock & Oodles Of Jizz!

Brit boy, Drew Brooks, is like a pig in clover – savouring the sexual sights and sounds of the Czech capital, and clearly making the most of every opportunity that cums his way. Which in this instance involves watching the mega-armoured Joel Tamir enjoying a heavy session with STAXUS rookie, Marcin Wawer. It’s at this point that we should comment that the new lad is almost as equally well-equipped as Tamir; and given the amount of inches that are quickly on display it’s little wonder that both lads are soon gobbling furiously away in turn, before 69-ing each other like a couple of old-time whores.

Ultimately, however, Tamir’s carnal urge to get his guts stuffed to the rafters begins to take precedent; as his mate slobbers over that hungry of his for a somewhat extended rimming, before pressing home every aching inch deep inside the lad’s rear. As ever, of course, Tamir proves the consummate bottom, riding dick almost as if it’s his birthright; before eventually spraying a handsome blast of pent-up spunk all over his own belly. Leaving Wawer to wrap up proceedings by yanking his meaty, uncut shaft to a very pleasing climax over his pal’s face – exactly how Tamir always likes it!


Video Duration: 24 minutes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Added: August 26, 2018

From Prague With Love, Sc 3: Romantic Tea-Date Leads To A Hot Session Of Hard Cock & Cum!

It’s not just the French who can do sensuality and romance – as Brit boy, Drew Brooks, discovers when he observes the antics of horny locals, Vittorio Vega and Colin Horner during his time in Prague. Supping tea together, these two buddies literally can’t hold back from touching each other; playing footsie together under the table, flicking suggestive glances at one another, and then finally heading to a private room to explore each other’s handsome bodies. It comes as no great surprise to see both boys boasting magnificent bulges in their jockstraps; and Vega quickly takes new boy, Horner, to heel as he feasts on the generous head that emerges from his mate’s pants.

That in turn soon gets Horner to respond in kind; before both enjoy an energetic session of 69-ing, which sets the scene up nicely for the hard fornication to come. Given the intermittent flashes of wincing pain and exquisite pleasure on the rookie’s face, it’s clear that Horner’s pucker is relatively fresh territory; but he’s in good hands, as Vega uses his experience to ride the fellow to a satisfying crescendo. So much so that Horner is very soon unable to hold back from creaming; before Vega cools his sore arse with spunk!

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