Helix Studios – Spit and Sit – Max Carter and Calvin Banks


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Helix Studios presents young boys Max Carter and Calvin Banks in “Spit and Sit”. Release Date: September 13, 2016. Video Duration: 22 Minutes. Let’s look at guys!

Slim guy Max Carter hears big dicked top Calvin Banks did a scene with his boyfriend recently and wants to hear all the hottest details. Actually Max would like to experience it first hand, but first they make a deal. If Max gives up some tight ass the so must Carter. Having the perfect dick, all Carter’s gay partners almost always bend right over, so he hasn’t had that much practice loosening up his hot hole, but Max is about to change all that today.

Before the main event though they devour each others dicks. But Calvin may not have that much practice bottoming but he sure knows how to deep throats a dick! Max gives horny Calvin’s trophy dick the devotion it deserves. Like a kid with an ice cream cone he worships it with every loving lick.

Remembering their deal Max pushes Calvin back and instinctually Calvin’s legs go up. Then he may be new to bottoming but he takes to it like a duck to water. Loving every second of Max expertly working his young hole raw like nature intended. His dick and balls flop around, getting more full by the minute.

No good bottom would ever let a dick like this go without giving it a spin so Max Carter bends over and gets ready for the ride of his life. A dick like this has to be worked in slowly, but Max is a patient boy and an expert top. After the guys flip fuck back and fourth taking turns taking dick. Looks like Calvin Banks has found a new hobby. Really! Watching Calvin’s monster cock flop around while he rides Max is amazing. All this perfect action builds to the ultimate nut busting cream pie finale! Don’t miss! You’ll find more photos here!

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