College Dudes – Dillon Anderson And Derek Scott


College Dudes presents Dillon Anderson And Derek Scott. Let’s look at young gay boys! Dillon pounds Derek while he strokes out the last drops of jizz, then he pulls out and shoots his own load. First of all, young guy Dillon is back in the studio and he’s brought a friend, Derek Scott! We’re not too sure ourselves if these two dudes have history or if they’re just really hot for each other, but they go at it hard and heavy as soon as the camera starts rolling. Horny Dillon gets undressed by his sexy partner as he lies back on the bed and lets his fuck buddy kiss him all over, working down to Dillon’s thick cock and sucking on that delicious meat while Dillon enjoys himself. But Derek Scott needs some attention too, and Dillon pulls his partner’s cock out and teases the sensitive tip with his wet tongue until they take a break from oral to make out. Their hot kisses somehow turn into Dillon underneath his friend as they 69, then Dillon gets a face full of his friend’s ass as he gives him a rimjob, rubbing that tight hole with his thumb as he licks it. With all this sexy foreplay, Dillon’s dick is aching for a good fuck, and he lubes up and buries his long cock in his friend’s sexy ass, spanking those perfect ass cheeks as he fucks him hard. They take it from doggy style to Dillon’s friend lying on his back, legs apart and Dillon’s hard prick in between them, pulling in and out of his friend’s tight ass until he makes his partner drain all the hot cum from his amazing dick.

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